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The 9th Executive Development Program for Senior Government Officers, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
17th January to 1st May 2005

Introduction and Terms of Use (The Fine Print)

This is the page for all resource materials which were made available by the lecturers and participants for reference of the other program participants. For the many unavailable materials, please contact the lecturers or participants concerned if you need them.

Please note that the materials here are used for academic, learning and teaching purposes only. Any opinions expressed are for academic, learning and teaching purposes only and not the official opinions of the Brunei Government or University Brunei Darussalam. Any reference to the materials or usage of the materials on this page must be acknowledged. The copyright of the materials remain with the the lecturers, presenters and participants.


Participants and Lecturers

Academic Schedule

Academic Materials

Lecturers' Materials

Assessed Participants' Final Group Projects

Presentation (MSPowerpoint)

Participants' Presentations

Study Visit to State of Queensland, Australia (28th Feb to 6th March 2005)

Presenters' Materials

Participants' Presentations on Materials



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