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The Financial Planning Seminar Series organised by Tabung Amanah Pekerja is a Ministry of Finance's long term project to educate the public about the importance of savings and ultimately towards a long term goal of increasing the savings rate in the country and reducing the loans rate which could have a detrimental effects if loan rates are left unchecked.

At the same time, for all of us as individual persons, navigating competently through the life stages of employment, marriage, home ownership, parenting, eldercare, divorce, retirement and ultimately death -- and all the stops in between -- requires knowledge acquired through continual self-education. The conscious management of our financial circumstances, however modest they may be from time to time, will enable us to anticipate opportunities and prepare for contingencies. This approach should give us better choices when life's inevitable events, adverse or otherwise, occur. Hence, financial planning is essential for us all.

First Financial Planning Seminar

The Financial Planning Seminar is held as part of a roadshow and the first one was held at the Lecture Theater of the Ministry of Finance Building on the 31st March 2005. It was officiated by Pehin Dato Rahman Ibrahim, the then Deputy Finance Minister (now Minister of Finance II). Five papers were presented and can be downloaded as follows:

Second Financial Planning Seminar new

The Second Financial Planning Seminar or FP2 was held at the Ministry of Health on 13th June 2005. It was attended by officers and staff of the Ministry of Health. Five papers were presented and can be downloaded as follows:

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